Crookston Graduates!

As of Tuesday, March 11th, Crookston is a graduate of Basic Obedience School.  We met as a family (read: I talked to him one night in bed while he tried to fall asleep) and decided that we will repeat the basic class sometime in the near future.  While he has all of his skills down, it's getting him to perform the tasks while being distracted that proved to be the biggest challenge.  I'm excited that it's finally warming up outside so we can go for wet, dirty walks as a reward for "perfect practice."

My goal for the next class is pretty simple.  Get Crookston to perform in a public setting instead of being mesmerized (maybe terrified) by the dogs and people around him.  The good news is that this goal is officially complete, so I can cross it off of my 25 before 26!

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