Weekend in the Cities

Jake and I ended up going to Minneapolis weekend of a bit of short notice (which is two weeks, in my book). It was really fun to get out of Grand Forks/Fargo and do something a little different.

We left fairly early on Saturday with me driving and Jake sleeping. It was a long and boring drive, but we switched jobs after reaching Isanti, where we stopped to meet up with an old family friend of my family.

After switching, the drive seemed to go much faster. We decided to hit up the Mall of America since we had some time to kill. I bought these sweet measuring cups from Urban Outfitters. Jake and I also looked at Fossil messenger bags for him since he feels as if bring his backpack to work is a little juvenille. We didn't get him one because they were ridic expensive (cheapest was $158). I grabbed some Arby's and then it was off to Target field.
It was raining so I was worried that the game would get rained out. Luckily they were giving away free cowboy hats to the first 10,000 people so that kept the rain off of my head and Jake had a baseball cap to protect his little hairs. We had to wait at the gates because it was 4pm, but we bonded with Sioux fans (Jake was wearing his jacket) and lesbians, so it was fine.
Once we got inside, it rained on and off until game start, but we filled up on expensive soda and snacks.
The game eventually commenced and we won 1-0 against the Padres...did I mention we were rooting for the Twins (aka Joe Mauer). I took way more photos than necessary and had a great time. Jake and I are going to try and go to at least one other game this year.
The rest of the weekend was chill. Since the game finished at 9pm, we didn't get to Jake's Aunt and Uncle's until almost 10pm. Jake's relatives wanted to stay up and talk and watch movies and all I wanted to do was crawl onto the blowup and fall asleep.

We left fairly early the next morning stopping only for the outlet mall where Jake found, and bought, a Fossil messenger bag for less than $40. I was excited to discover a book outlet where I got some sweet notebooks. We also hit up the Under Armor outlet where I bought a sweet pair of workout pants for cheap--maybe having nice workout clothes will motivate me to actually use them :)

Life, Kyle, and Baseball

It's been roughly a month since my last post. Surprisingly, quite a bit has changed.

Biggest change is that I have a new summer job. I'm working in a group home with kids and young adults who have disabilities. It's hard work, but really rewarding. I wasn't sure if I was going to last because after my first day of training, I went home and cried for about an hour. It was hard to see people who were roughly my age not able to do the same sort of stuff. My dad kept asking me if I'd be able to do it, I'm known for my soft heart, but I've managed to move on, and realize that I'm going to be able to make their lives better and more fulfilling, and that's an incredible feeling.

Another momentous thing that has happened is I lost my camera. This sucks. I'm looking everywhere for it because Jake and I are going to the cities this weekend for a Twins game with APO people and I want to be able to take pictures...mostly to prove that I went. I'm not a big sports person at all. The little bit I know about baseball comes from an awkward and slighly repetitive time where I was seeing a baseball fan. His name was Kyle (or maybe it wasn't and I'm changing names to protect the innocent) and we "saw" each other for two or three short, and seperate, periods of time. He thought I was leading him on, I was trying to like him as much as he seemed to like me; it was magical.

Now that I'm rambling, let me tell you a little about Baseball Kyle. On our first official date, and maybe the only official date, we doubled with my friend Kayla and her boyfriend at the time (who may or may not end up in a crazy house one day...time will tell). We both ordered the chicken finger basket at Applebees. It was delicious. After supper, we went to "Saving Sarah Marshall," and to this day, that movie makes me uncomfortable because it reminds me of this date. During the movie, Kyle spilled popcorn all over the theater. It was embarassing because I wasn't sure if I liked Kyle as a potential boyfriend so I didn't know if I should think of it as cute, or annoying. It was annoying.

When we got back to Kyle's house, I tried to leave right away, but he invited me in for a popsicle and a baseball game (did I mention I was 20 at the time). I kept making excuses, but found myself in his basement, eating a freezee and watching the Twins.

Kyle explained the finer points of baseball and some of that knowledge is still in my head, though most of it didn't stick because of brain freeze. Somewhere during the course of the evening, Kyle made me promise to read "Moneyball" so I told him to read "White Oleander." So I guess some of my weird, random baseball history comes from Kyle and I swapping favorite books.

At the end of the evening, Kyle walked me to my car. It was dark and I still wasn't sure how I felt about him. He leaned in for a kiss and I opened my car door between us, using it to shield myself. It was at this point that he asked if I was even interested in him, an awkward question after a first date, but he was an up front guy and I respected that. I lied and said I just wanted to take it slow. I don't think we ever kissed during any of the times we were "dating" or whatever you call it. He got drunk at my house once and I made him leave because I knew he'd try to kiss me.

I guess the point of all that is to say, Kyle, if you're reading this, thanks for the baseball knowledge and maybe you can call me sometime for chicken strips and no kisses.

That was a long side story, but I am very excited for the game. Jake and I are staying with family of his and making a little side stop to see someone that I'm related to. We're going to go to the mall and I'm probably going to make him hold my hand so that I don't get lost or stolen. It's going to be magical.

Another new thing is I'm making a new friend. Her name is Rhiannon (hi!). I've decided to proclaim our new friendship in a public forum to up the stakes. She's pretty cool and crafty and you should definetly check out her blog.

That's about all I've got for the night. Sorry for the lack of pictures and other fun stuff. I decided that a long, wordy, rambly, photoless post was better than waiting even longer before dusting off the blog and writing again. Hopefully the next post will be prettier.

P.S. "The Hunger Games" was awesome. The other books...may not have gotten read yet.