Twitter Feed

So I'm big into creating bulletin boards.  I have one very tiny one here in the library.  For being as unartistic as I am, I'm very excited with how this one turned out.  A lot of students stopped and read the 140 character or less book reviews and asked if the twitter accounts of the authors were real or if I made them up.  It was cool to bridge some social media to the "ancient" world of books.  Pretty proud of a debate I got into about the merits of Margaret Atwood...but I guess I can't make everyone a believer in her awesomeness.

Full view
Left hand column with the actual usernames of the authors

Hard to read, but the birds are stating the book title, author, and review...all in 140 characters or less.  I originally wrote these on Twitter to ensure that they did, in fact, have legitimate tweet potential.

Just one last picture.

Monday Mania

I want to get better at blogging this year.  It seems like I should have more time on my hands soon.

Goals for November:
  • Gym at least 4 times a week
  • Continuously contribute and hold up my end of Creased Spine podcasts 
  • Knitting, let's get back to this
  • Save up some dinero because I'm taking a boatload of classes in the Spring
  • Church, once, just once, I'd like to get to mass


I've officially made an appointment.  I've met with my artist and have been emailing him.  Next Wednesday, I'm getting inked and I am so unbelievably nervous.

Needles freak me out.  I'm getting the tattoo behind my ear so he warned me that it's going to be super loud and that freaks me out even more.

Now I know everyone and their mom and their grandmas and their great-grandmas has tattoos now-a-days, but this is untainted skin!  My skin is smooth and white and untarnished.

Things I'm thinking as time progresses:
  • What if I hate it?
  • What if it hurts so bad that I can't finish?
  • What if I regret it?
  • Why am I doubting/worrying so much?
  • What if I get the tattoo bug and can't stop getting them?
  • What if it looks bad?
  • What if I get AIDs?
I'm a worrier.