Revisited: 29 Before 30

Guess who turns 32 this year?!  This gal!  One of my new goals is to get back to writing...not necessarily blogging, but it seemed as though this would be a good, low stakes, place to start.  Also...what better way to begin than to "cheat" off of a previous post and see how I faired on my goals from two years ago?  I'm going to do my best to guess if I've accomplished that goal since I set it (ignoring the initial timeline of a year).
  1. Read 200 books- I know that I came close-ish last year to this one, but am definitely not on track this year.  For some reason, once the pandemic happened, all of my motivation to read evaporated...something I never would have anticipated.  I had so many friends who read more and loved all of the extra time, but my brain just said "nope."
  2. Visit a new state- I did this one!  Last year (so it was outside of the original timeline), I went to Tennessee TWICE!
  3. Lose some weight, specifically weigh less than 160 at some point this year- I'm getting to the age where I'm less concerned with what I weigh than being healthy.  I don't think I ever dropped to 160, but I felt better about my body and happier with it and all it's capable of.
  4. Blog at least twice monthly- Ha ha ha ha.
  5. Write a new short story- Nope (Exact same response as the original post)
  6. Get my passport- I did this!!!  Mostly because we were planning an amazing trip, but que sera, sera.
  7. Learn to crochet- Still no...this definitely won't be a priority on the new list.
  8. Take an exercise class- This past year I actually took quite a few exercise classes!  I tried Spin (and still hated it) and I did Hot Yoga (and loved it!)
  9. Put up trim in dining room- I don't even know if I know where the trim is anymore...
  10. Paint bedroom- I did this!  Not even sure when it was accomplished, but it did get done!
  11. Paint stairs- I did this!  I need to do a few more coats, but I would still count this as a success.
  12. Clean garage out enough so one car can park in it- After I made this a goal, I think the garage got more full....
  13. Visit a winery- Jenna got married at a winery last year!
  14. Read four religious books- I don't think I've even finished one in the two-ish years since this list was created.
  15. Read four education books (not including grad school books)- I know for sure that I do this every year!
  16. Visit Sara and Merrick (and Rob)- We did this!  And we even went on vacation with them last year!
  17. Visit Shannon and Jared- I did this solo when I was in Bizzo for a teacher thing :)
  18. Go to a concert- For sure Mike and I have knocked this one out of the park...we go to more stuff than I would have anticipated.
  19. Go to church 24 times- Last year, this goal definitely fell by the wayside....
  20. Do a no spend week- Never did or planned
  21. Go to a financial person and figure out savings/retirement- We did this!  #adulting
  22. Invest in the stock market- We did this pretty recently! #adulting
  23. Go to a Twins game- Last year I was lucky enough to go both with friends and Mike and other friends
  24. Go to a play- Mike and I actually have been to quite a few plays and musicals over the last two years!
  25. Playmate for Crookston- THIS HAPPENED!  Baby is due in September!!!
  26. Have an epic garage sale at parents- We had a garage sale about a week our house...and it wasn't epic, ha ha.  We did get rid of nearly everything we put out though, so that's what's important!
  27. Try something new to Mike and me- I'm sure we did....
  28. Build products for TPT (list 5 new items)- I have definitely added 5 products to TPT since the original I'm average $1 a month instead of $1 every 6 months, ha ha.
  29. Do 30 days of something- Nothing done or planned