Life Update

I've taken off nearly two months from blogging.  At first, it wasn't intentional, in fact...blogging had slipped my mind entirely.  For the last two weeks or so, I've heard the nagging voice in the back of my head reminding me of the blog I so horribly abandoned.

So what has happened in my life these past two months?  A lot.

  • I had a vintage/antique sale
  • Mike and I bought a house!
  • I started what could be my last semester at UND before student teaching
  • I started a new job
If I complained of stress and being busy earlier in the history of this blog.  Let me apologize now.  I did what know what stress was; I did not understand being busy.  Some days, I wake up at 6a and do not get home until 2:30/3a.  Oh yeah, that new job is just an additional one serving at a bar, not one that replaces my current job.  The hard part is my schedule can be work 8-12, class 12:30-1:45, work 2-5:30, 2nd job 6-2a.  There is no free time in that day.  There is no time for homework.  There is no time.

So I'm trying to get better at planning and doing a bunch of homework before due dates so that if I fall asleep in class, at least I have a completed assignment to save a little face!

Theoretically, I'll be posting pictures of my vintage/antique sale before the end of September as well as pictures of the new, empty house (we close on the 17th).  I need to finish planning the big-life things before turning my attention back to this poor, neglected blog.  Soon.  I hope.