Stuck in Town

I've been so busy with working in my new capacity at the group home.  Between that, working freight at the mall, and trying to have a life, this blog has obviously fallen by the wayside.  The thing that gets me through my 75 hour work weeks (and sadly, that is not an exaggeration) is daydreaming about getting away to the lake.  Here are a few weekend bags that I've been drooling over.

Country Tunes

With a week that has been in the high 80s, it officially feels like summer (hot, sticky summer) in North Dakota.  For me, summer means windows down, country music blasting, and Crookston on the seat next to me as we drive to the lake.  Here are a few of the country songs I am listening to on repeat:

I'm currently working at the middle school, "manning" the office while they interview for a new administrative assistant.  Since I read about 100 pages in John Berendt's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I figured it was time to shoot a quick update out into the blog world.

After leaving the school at 4p, I head over to the group home until 10p.  That's when the party begins.  Well, not really.  My good friend, Stephanie, has moved back to town and I'm going over to see her apartment before we head downtown for a few hours.

Tomorrow is Art Fest, so I was planning on going to that before heading to the lake, but my house manager text me and is trying to rope me into a few morning hours on Saturday.  I need to learn to just say "no."  It's hard though because I think I'm more indispensable than I actually am.




Between training for my new position/job at the group home and preparing the retail store where I work for a visit from our CEO and other bigwigs, I am working 14-16 hour days.  It all started Monday and will last until Friday night.  I actually love being this busy and working this much...strange as it may seem.     The main reason I'm telling you this blogger friends is because this blog will be lacking a bit this week and probably part of next week.  I'll do my best to post a few fun things, but they'll have to be short and sweet.

In other news, I finally got my invitation to Birchbox. 
Hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples, delivered to your door for $10/month.
I ordered the 3-month gift package for my little sister's (now belated) birthday present.  I know that she'll love it since she's much more into keeping herself up than I am.  Wow, that last statement makes me sound like a slob, but it just isn't worth waking up at 4:30a to doll myself up for a 6a shift working with kids.

The other biggest development in my life is a lazy one that I probably shouldn't be proud of/sharing.  I finally finished watching all 11 seasons of Cheers.
I remember watching Cheers as a kiddo.  Granted, it wasn't the original airing, but the Nick@Nite reshowing, but it still made it's way onto my "favorite TV shows" list.  

Since I finished Cheers, it was time to find something else to watch.  Every night when I crawl into bed, I'll throw a little something on the Netflix and unwind for an episode of two.  My newest choice is Parks and Recreation.
People have been telling me for quite some time to check this show out and so far, I'm pretty "meh" on it. In the interest in being completely upfront, I am only on the third episode.  Sometimes it takes me a bit to get into shows...heck, I didn't understand what the buzz about Glee was about until the fourth or fifth episode when we find out Sue's sister has...oops, almost threw a spoiler out there (also, it should be noted that I have only seen two seasons of Glee and cannot be held accountable for liking the show I hear it's becoming).

Anyway, there is a quick look into my busy life.  Hopefully fun and interesting things will find their way into my schedule, and blog, soon.

Crazy Dog Lady

A couple weeks ago I posted a Cat Style set that I created on Polyvore.  Now, any one who knows anything realizes that I am not a cat person, but a dog person...or fanatic.  I love my fur-baby, Crookston and melt any time that I see a dog in person or on the internet.

Now, I decided that I had to make a Dog Style set.  Unfortunately, I could not find any shoes that had dogs and matched this amazing dress.  No flats, not heels, nothing.  Instead, I found these ridiculous-ly awesome rain boots and decided to throw them on the set, despite not matching the outfit at all.  Anyway...enjoy.

Crazy Dog Lady

This Week in Instagram

This week in Instagram pics.

Funny sign at the A&W in Fosston.  I like to imagine what the "& Such" would be. (Sunday)

My cousin, Ella.  She was so proud of her balloon tail. (Sunday)

Bowl full of fruit.  This week marked me trying to eat healthier. (Tuesday)

Amazing couch at one of the many thrift stores I shopped this week. (Wednesday)

I was so sick this Thursday that I gave up healthy eating and went with JL Beers take-out instead.  (Thursday)

Tried to eat healthy again after being sick. (Friday)

Vegetarian supper.  Threw in the crockpot in the morning before work and was perfect for supper. (Friday)

Keys?  Well, I got the job I applied for and it comes with numerous keys.  First job I've ever had where I'm trusted with keys! (Friday...again)

Tried this top knot hairdo.  Turns out I have much more hair than the girl in the tutorial.  Oh, well. (Saturday)

Vintage/Retro Goodies

I promised a glimpse at what I purchased during my rainy weekend at the lake in this post.  So after a week of work, interviewing, getting sick with the worst head cold ever...well, maybe not worst ever, but I did have to cancel a date, I finally got around to taking pictures.

 So first up are some of the hats I found while digging around that creepy shed-type thing.

Here are the close-ups of my two favorites.

At this point in the picture-taking process, Crookston jumped on my lap because he's vain and needy like that.

The rest of the pictures are from that cute, little barn where they do those cool "stages."  This is an older ice tray with removable tray.  I plan on using it for rings and earrings.

 This is my favorite!  I'm assuming this bird is supposed to be a planter or something, but I'm just going to store pens, or change, or something equally un-plant-like.

This wire drawer/basket.  I'm going to throw some books in it and put it on my bookshelf, because I find I can fit two-times as many books on the shelf when I throw them into containers.

This last one was a find of my sisters.  I liked that the letters were drilled into the top.

There are going to be quite a few more purchase posts later because while working at the group home this week, I thrifted and garage sale'd like my life depended on it.  I found some pretty remarkable items and am really excited to share them with the inter-web.