Vintage/Retro Goodies

I promised a glimpse at what I purchased during my rainy weekend at the lake in this post.  So after a week of work, interviewing, getting sick with the worst head cold ever...well, maybe not worst ever, but I did have to cancel a date, I finally got around to taking pictures.

 So first up are some of the hats I found while digging around that creepy shed-type thing.

Here are the close-ups of my two favorites.

At this point in the picture-taking process, Crookston jumped on my lap because he's vain and needy like that.

The rest of the pictures are from that cute, little barn where they do those cool "stages."  This is an older ice tray with removable tray.  I plan on using it for rings and earrings.

 This is my favorite!  I'm assuming this bird is supposed to be a planter or something, but I'm just going to store pens, or change, or something equally un-plant-like.

This wire drawer/basket.  I'm going to throw some books in it and put it on my bookshelf, because I find I can fit two-times as many books on the shelf when I throw them into containers.

This last one was a find of my sisters.  I liked that the letters were drilled into the top.

There are going to be quite a few more purchase posts later because while working at the group home this week, I thrifted and garage sale'd like my life depended on it.  I found some pretty remarkable items and am really excited to share them with the inter-web.

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  1. Love your quirky finds, the bird is really cool :)