This Week in Instagram

This week in Instagram pics.

Funny sign at the A&W in Fosston.  I like to imagine what the "& Such" would be. (Sunday)

My cousin, Ella.  She was so proud of her balloon tail. (Sunday)

Bowl full of fruit.  This week marked me trying to eat healthier. (Tuesday)

Amazing couch at one of the many thrift stores I shopped this week. (Wednesday)

I was so sick this Thursday that I gave up healthy eating and went with JL Beers take-out instead.  (Thursday)

Tried to eat healthy again after being sick. (Friday)

Vegetarian supper.  Threw in the crockpot in the morning before work and was perfect for supper. (Friday)

Keys?  Well, I got the job I applied for and it comes with numerous keys.  First job I've ever had where I'm trusted with keys! (Friday...again)

Tried this top knot hairdo.  Turns out I have much more hair than the girl in the tutorial.  Oh, well. (Saturday)

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