Country Tunes

With a week that has been in the high 80s, it officially feels like summer (hot, sticky summer) in North Dakota.  For me, summer means windows down, country music blasting, and Crookston on the seat next to me as we drive to the lake.  Here are a few of the country songs I am listening to on repeat:

I'm currently working at the middle school, "manning" the office while they interview for a new administrative assistant.  Since I read about 100 pages in John Berendt's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, I figured it was time to shoot a quick update out into the blog world.

After leaving the school at 4p, I head over to the group home until 10p.  That's when the party begins.  Well, not really.  My good friend, Stephanie, has moved back to town and I'm going over to see her apartment before we head downtown for a few hours.

Tomorrow is Art Fest, so I was planning on going to that before heading to the lake, but my house manager text me and is trying to rope me into a few morning hours on Saturday.  I need to learn to just say "no."  It's hard though because I think I'm more indispensable than I actually am.



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