Fashion Throwbacks

Fashion has a very short shelf-life and because of that many trends seem to recycle themselves.  Here are just a couple of the favorites I remember from my own childhood.

The Tear-Away Pant

Sure, they still have the athletic version out there (though have these ever been popularized by females?), but what about a casual, work-appropriate option?  Sign me up.  Who here doesn't head home after a long day at work and take off their pants?  Wouldn't it be ten times more satisfying if you could literally rip your pants off?  Think of not only the satisfaction, but the time you would save.  Bring back the tear-away pant with work-appropriate material and I'll never buy another work pair of pants as long as I live.  Unfortunately, it appears the pants were only made for fellas and they no longer seem to exist...from my light, internet research.

The Bubble Shirt

I remember these shirts like it was yesterday.  I laughed at them then, I laugh at them now.  Surprisingly enough, you can still purchase these suckers on the website I linked the picture back to.  It has been at least ten years (and I think that's a generous number) since I last saw someone actually wearing a bubble shirt.  I love the idea of them though.  Clothes that shrink for storage and packing and fit your body only when you actually need them to?  That's cool.  Now, if only someone could make a shirt (or pants, or a dress, or underwear!) that accomplishes the shrinking/growing idea without looking like that's what it does.  Yeah, bubble shirt, you aren't fooling anyone.

Choker Necklaces
I loved how choker necklaces looked on other kids.  I bought one or two from quarter machines back in the day, admittedly, but it wasn't a huge staple in my wardrobe as a young one.  To be honest, my idea of fashion in elementary and middle school was leggings with's not wonder I'm a big fan of the re-emergence of this trend.  Anyway, I always thought the girls who wore chokers were cool.  It's really too bad I hate anything touching my neck.

Overall Shorts

Overalls in general are making a comeback and even though I know I'll regret it in a year or so, I want a pair.  This is also how I feel in terms of jumpers (aka rompers) and harem pants-I want them despite knowing I will look back on any photos and cringe.  I don't know if I can get on board with overall shorts because I hate shorts on me, but maybe regular overalls or an overall skirt is in my future.  Hey, it could be cute...I think.

Skorts are evidently already back?  I did not realize this because being smack dab in the middle of a continent means that every fashion trend winds up here about a year to two after it's been mainstreamed on a coast.  Google-ing images of skorts though, I found more modern, and surprisingly not-lame, versions than the throw backs I was looking for.  As a girl, I had quite a few pairs that looked like skirts in the front and shorts from behind...I mean, what is even the point of that?  So I look nicer for pictures?

What was your favorite fashion trend as a kid?  Has it already come full circle or reinvented itself as something cooler, or uglier?  Crocs always make me think of jellies, personally.  Feel free to share your childhood clothing shame in the comments :)

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