Couscous: You Suck

I made a mistake; a big mistake.  I attempted to make this recipe last night because I love mushrooms and don't shy away from trying something new.  It was my first time trying couscous and boy, did I hate it.

Originally, I didn't think much of it.  It's pretty bland.  It's hard to say you don't like rice, or toast, or some other bland food.  But as it sat in my stomach, as it tried to escape from my stomach, I joined the "I hate couscous" group.  I even spent part of my morning looking up other people who hate it: you can read about those people/groups here, here, and here.

So the dish was pretty simple to make, if not, a little ridiculous.  Why did I have to rehydrate sun-dried tomatoes?  I don't really like them in the first place because the texture is strange, so I really should have skipped this step and used diced tomatoes.  I omitted quite a bit (side note: I've never considered myself a picky eater, but as I get older and cook for myself, I realize what a turd I actually am).

This is what the recipe called for.  The things I omitted are in red.  Changes are noted in blue.  Additions in green.
1 cup dehydrated sun-dried tomatoes                                                  

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