Map Coasters

Recently, two good friends of mine got married and I wanted to get them an amazing gift.  Part of the idea came from creativity, part of it came from the simple fact that everything on the registry was gone. What was born were these map coasters, spinning off the "where he was born, where she was born, where they met/fell in love, where they married" posters that I've seen on Pinterest.

Supplies include:
4 White Tiles ($.13 each at Menards)
1 piece of black felt ($.29 at Michaels)
Maps...I used two just based on where cities were located, and overlapping of squares
Pencil (for tracing)
Foam brush
Mod Podge
Crystal Clear Poly spray
Glue gun

Step 1. Trace tiles on map, trying to keep desired city in middle

Step 2. Trace tile on felt, I was able to get all four backings from one piece

Step 2.5. Trim felt on backing to make sure it doesn't stick out when viewed from front

Step 3. Mod Podge the tile and place the trimmed map on top

Step 4. Mod Podge the map...Reapply after drying, I did 5 coats

Step 5. Head outside

Step 6. Spray the clear, poly spray on top of coasters

Step 6. Do a 2nd coat if you're paranoid like me, allowing dry time between coats

Step 7. Personalize the felt if you feel the need to

Step 8. Pair up the felt with the proper coaster/tile

Step 9. Hot glue back of felt.  I originally tried to glue the back of tile, but since the felt pieces weren't exact, there were places where the glue stuck out.

Step 10. Admire your handiwork

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