Crockpot Chicken & Peppers Salad

My manager at work recommended this recipe as a quick, healthy meal option.  I modified it some, but think I maybe should have stuck with her original idea.  First, I'll share what I did, then I'll give my ideas on how to improve it.

First up--ingredients.
Chicken Breast Slices (you can also cut up your own)
Red, green, and yellow pepper
Italian Seasoning...I chose mine based on calories
Baby Spinach, or really any type of greens that you enjoy for salad

Cut up the red pepper

Cut up the yellow pepper

Cut up the green pepper while watching Netflix

Throw peppers in crockpot

Throw chicken in crockpot

Add Italian dressing to taste

Mix peppers, chicken, and dressing

Put on low and go work an 8 hour shift where you're paid too little to do too much

Ready to eat

After it was cooked, I put it on spinach leaves to make a salad.  I found that the peppers had marinated too long and were soggy (I used almost the entire bottle of dressing).  

The original recipe called for individually preparing what you'd like for you salad, putting it in tin foil, and placing it on the grill until cooked.  I think grilling would help the peppers stay crunchy.  I also think that the next time I try this will be will far less dressing, probably a cup or so, on top of chicken and then I'll place the peppers on top of chicken and let it chill in the crockpot with mixing all the ingredients.

Despite some shortcomings, I felt like the meal was still very delicious.  I love coming home and being able to eat, and having prepared this before work, it meant that I didn't have to go to the old standby of ice cream sandwiches for supper.

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