8 Month Update

It's funny how priorities shift yearly, monthly, daily.  This blog was something I created first to chronicle random things in my life.  Then I used it to track and catalog the random outfit.  Then, I dreamed it would be my brand...full of vintage and DIYs.

My life, however, is constantly shifting.  I recently accepted a job in the small town of Edmore, ND where I will be THE English teacher.  Lately life has consisted of acquiring books for my classroom library, so there have been a lot of garage sales and friends clearing out their own stashes and donating to me and my future students.  My garage has gotten an overhaul as one half is dedicated to my vintage goods and the other half is dedicated to my future life.

My plan is to have at least two more vintage sales between now and August so that Mike has more access to the garage.  I'm also trying, not as hard as I should, not to buy any new-to-me vintage pieces.  It's hard because vintage has been a huge part of my life these past four years, but I realize that I will need to take a bit of  a hiatus this next year.

So for me, this is the plan for summer.
1. Downsize vintage so it takes up 1/4 of the garage (or less).
2. Downsize personal items.
3. Work at Buckle and The Bun until July.
4. Craft a little more (if only to downsize current crafting stash).
5. Finish spare room.
6. Throw and/or donate at least a box a week.
7. Label all of my books!
8. Read as many professional development books as possible.
9. Spend as much time with Mike as possible.
10. Have a garage sale!


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