Monday was a pretty monumental day in my life.  Many things happened, but the most notable would be completing the Whole30 challenge, taking my first outfit pictures in public, and having my man friend take the photos.  We'll tackle each of these things in a separate paragraph.
First and most exciting would be completing the Whole30.  The man friend and I decided it was time to tackle our horrible eating habits and after reading Elsie's blog post here, we (okay, not we so much as I) decided to give it a go.  Part of the reason I think that I had so much success is because it's a pretty rigid plan and I'm the kind of gal who will find every possible loophole when it comes to dieting.  I'm so happy to report that I lost 18.5 pounds during my month and now Mike and I are following the plan 5 days a week with 2 "cheat days" where we can have grains, or pasta, or dairy.

The other cool thing about Monday was the it was the first time I've taken photos at a location other than my apartment or parents' house.  Mike and I were driving around after dinner (first dinner in a month and sushi is just as amazing as I remembered) and I decided that I was overdue for an outfit post so when we drove past this spot, I knew that it's where I wanted to take my pictures.  After just one day, and several stares from cars, I do not know how bloggers are able to take photos in such public places, but maybe you eventually get used to it.  

The last monumental part about Monday was it was the first time Mike has taken photos of me for my blog.  Having Mike take pictures was a little weirder than the whole photos in public part.  I'm so used to my timer and taking a million photos, so when Mike got behind the camera, I got a little stiff and weird.  I loved the outfit so much that I decided to post three (of only four) photos.  Maybe I'll eventually get used to Mike taking photos, though chances are, he'd probably prefer I use the timer and leave him out of it.

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