Photography Attempt V.3

A few weeks ago, Mike and I ventured to Peoria, Illinois for an Avett Brothers concert.  While out an about, aka walking to and from the car, I snapped a few pictures.

 I think the thing that I'm learning from taking photos on a semi-regular basis is that taking pictures, at least for me, isn't really about the shot so much as the story behind it.  For example, what do you see when you see this picture of Mike?  Not the same thing as me.  I see the clothes he's wearing and remember telling him they were fine when he picked them out at the store.  I see him putting the shirt and shorts together and wondering if it went together.  I see a hot day and a short walk to a short drive that would end in maybe the best sushi I'd ever have and a stop at a clothing store, where Mike sits comfortably and uncomplaining while I spend too much time browsing racks.

This photo is obviously the most out of place, but it's my favorite of the bunch because it's my favorite story.  After the show, Mike and I decided to find a gas station to grab some late-night treats and we managed to get ourselves lost.  While being lost, I noticed a casino...on a boat!  I'm not a gambler, by any means, but it was on a boat!  Mike and I made a deal to spend no more than $20.  I was frugal and used my dollars in several penny slots where Mike blew all of his in the first ten minutes on one machine.  Since I still had parts of my pre-approved cash available, Mike decided to spend another $20.  And then he won $500 on a penny slot machine.  It was a pretty fun thing to experience, if only because we were in such disbelief.

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