Junking Love

As I've shared numerous times on this blog, I love junking.  Recently I've purchased many items and have managed to sell a good chunk of those pieces.  The thing that stinks is that unless I'm doing a flea market, I'm usually only selling one piece at a time which takes a lot of time and work.  So I've been doing a lot of thinking about what the best way is to sell my vintage pieces without a shop.
I wrote a few weeks ago about wanting a camper to redo, and I thought that might be the answer to my problems.  While I keep hoping that I'll find the perfect little camper, it's time for Plan B.

In a small town about an hour away, there are two sisters who run a sale with vintage, antiques, and other cute things.  While I'm not fortunate enough to have a farmstead where I can host sales, I do think I can pull inspiration from their passion.

So right now, I'm brainstorming places where I could do pop-up shops. places to set up and display my vintage and craft goods.  Currently I'm only in the dreaming stage, but I always find that dreaming is the best first step of any plan.

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