Instagram Stories V.2

Here we are with (mostly) May's instagram pictures.  These are my top 5 and they may be a little repetitive or redundant, but that's life sometimes.

May marked the month where I decided to officially brand myself as "The Tattooed Moon."  This may seem a little late, as this blog has operated for over a year under that name and I've had the Facebook and (very neglected) Twitter for about that long, but my Instagram was still personal.  I made the jump and decided to be "The Tattooed Moon" on all of my social media.  I'm happy to say that I've had a much stronger Facebook presence, selling my vintage goods.

I wrote about my first flea market sale here.  This photo was snapped by my little sister and makes me look like I'm very hard at work.  It's a farce.  This is what a girl looks like when she realizes some of her items don't have price tags and the sale starts in less than an focus!

I don't remember exactly how I convinced Mike to try on this outfit, but that doesn't really matter, because I have this awesome reminder.  I think the best part of this was that it almost backfired.  Mike thought the shirt fit very well and that the pants were pretty cool, as far as red pants go.  I maybe tried to convince him to get the pants as I myself had red pants and the couple that matches together, stays together.  They sadly stayed on the clearance rack, probably where they belonged.

I haven't been crafting as much lately as I would like, but I did make this cool Sioux head.  I've sold a few, but they take HOURS to make and are very tedious.  They do not bring me joy the way my other crafts do, but if they make me a little bit of money, I'm not willing to complain...too much.

This last photo is from the beginning of June.  Mike and I took a mini-vacation to Illinois for an Avett Brothers concert.  When I learned that the American Pickers' shop was a 5-minute detour, I begged Mike to let us stop.  I was pretty jacked to be there and as you can see by Mike's face, he was much more nonchalant.  The trip was definitely one for the books and it's always fun to look back on photos and remember all of the fun times that were had.

This month was a lot easier to narrow down than April.  It could be because I didn't take nearly as many photos, but these five are still the ones most telling.  It's kind of crazy how I wrote such short captions on Instagram and once I chose my five to blog about, it was so easy to write longer paragraphs.

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