26 before 27 (May Review)

1. Read 50+ books, 4 that are religious/spiritual in manner
I'm currently at book 11, though I have a few other books half done or more.

2. Visit someplace new
Done! (6/4/15)  Mike and I visited Illinois and also spent a hot second in Iowa, visiting the American Pickers' shop.

3.  Make a quilt
Still no progress, but this summer should allow more time for fun hobbies and free time.

4.  Work out 26 times
Mike and I are starting a diet this month, so, theoretically, working out will follow.

5.  Take more photos
So far, so good.  I've been bringing my camera more and more places and trying to remember to take at least a few photos with it.  Re-seeing these goals makes me think that I'll try to bring it out sometime this weekend.

6.  Settle into the apartment (and maybe do a photo tour when it's complete)
This is slowly becoming a reality as all major furniture pieces seem to be purchased and now it's just a matter of moving out some of the crappy old and replacing with the cool, vintage old.

7.  Blog at least 4 times monthly
April was a success with just 4.  May...a repeat.  4 posts a month seems to be my sweet spot.

8.  Write two new short stories

9.  Get my passport
Maybe I can get my passport and venture up to Canada...that's one of the perks of being so far up north, I could literally day trip to a foreign country.  Sure, it'd only be Canada, but a stamp in a passport is a stamp.

10.  Create and follow a budget
June.  June I will get back in the swing of organizing my life.

11.  Send more mail than last year
Last year, this was such an easy goal and  I had so much fun doing it.  I'm honestly surprised that I haven't done anything with it.  Maybe the end of the year will see a crazy revival of mail.

12.  Learn to crochet
Again...summer is the magic land of opportunity.

13.  Go to a winery
Mike and I talked about this the other day.  I know that I can rope Mike into it if need be, but I really think it'd be a fun girl's day activity.  On a side note, I need girlfriends who live a lot closer.

14.  Date-night with Mike monthly, at-home dates count, too!
So far, so good.

15.  Take a yoga class
I may need a friend to bring with me.  Lots of people seem to be into yoga, so I'm sure it won't be too hard to find a friend.

16.  Have my parents over for dinner
Once the apartment is "complete"....

17.  Create a blog feature
I'm currently testing two out.  Photography Attempt and Instagram Stories,  We'll see if either stick or if a dark horse appears.  Also, if you read this blog closely, you'll realize that I took this first line from last month's 26 before 27.  Good enough then, good enough for now.

18.  Finish my volunteering requirement for school
Last month I had all of this ambition.  This month...maybe ambition?

19.  Get a new bed
Done! (4/15)

20.  Go to a play at Red River's "new" theater
Hoping for a SPA performance this summer.

21.  Have a "no spend" week in April
Should I just cross this off because I suck, pretended to move it to May, and then still forgot it?

22.  Have a "no spend" month in September
Something for future Sara to worry about.

23.  Study for and take my Praxis tests
A few friends and I are talking about getting together for a group study date.  I have the tests scheduled, so studying needs to happen.

24.  Pay off one big credit card
I actually feel like this could happen by September.  Fingers crossed and pennies pinched.

25.  Create my "space"
I have the furniture.  Now I need to remove the excess crap that has no home and maybe figure out how to connect my small tv to a DVD player so that I have something to listen to while crafting.

26.  And one to grow.
Still a little unsure on this one.

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