Photography Attempt V.2

A few weekends back, my mom and I, along with my friend Kallie, went to Bemidji for what I refer to as a Jesus-cation.  A Jesus-cation is just a mini vaca that's centered around Christian music.  Our Jesus-cation brought us to Bemidji, MN for the Newsboys.

Our hotel was beautiful and right on the water, so I popped out before we left to take a few photos.  I tried to take photos right after we checked in, but actually ended up getting locked out of the hotel building.  The second day went a little better for my second photography attempt.  You can see the first attempt here!

Here's just a little peak at the hotel from the lake.  There was a trail that ran between the hotel and the lake, so it was cool to see everyone running and biking outside.  They may not have realized that I was cheering them on from my seat inside the hotel, eating mini chocolate donuts.

Before we left town, we had to stopped and Paul Bunyan and Babe, because we were tourists after all.  The picture below is one of the reasons I love my mom so much; she honestly finds joy and happiness in everything that she does.

Luckily a lot of people decide to do the tourist thing, so we found someone to do a "photo swap."  My favorite thing about this photo is that I feel like Babe is really posing.  Paul doesn't look too bad himself.

Obviously we weren't in Chicago, but I convinced my mom to touch Babe's butt with me...even though she had no idea why were doing it and kept asking "But why?"

All in all, I had just a great Jesus-cation with my mom and Kallie.  I can't imagine a better group of people to adventure around Bemidji with.  We laughed so many times that tears often came with laughter and it was great to have someone to witness the ridiculousness that MK can bring to the table.


  1. Bemidji is one of my favorite places! Growing up, it was THE place to go for the weekend. :)
    Oh, Paul--what a stud. ;)

  2. Hi! I got on your blog from the ND bloggers page and I must ask, is your mom a teacher? I think I may have had her when I went to college! Maybe not though, too! :)
    I love the post right after this one, I love antique shopping! So interesting.