Flea Market

This past Saturday, I had my first real sale as a vendor.  It was a very fun, and educating, experience.

I was fortunate enough to have my dad help me pack two trucks to their maximum capacity.  He and I spent part of the night before the sale cleaning out the shed, pricing items, and packing both his vehicle and my man friend's.

My help didn't end there.  The day of, Mike and I took his truck, while my dad and sister drove my dad's, and we went to the Grand Cities Mall.  After a quick unloading, Mike went back home to catch a few more Zs before work.  The rest of us...our work was just beginning.

We made sure everything was set up and priced (I used vintage postcards as pricetags, some in the shape of North Dakota).  Before the sale started, I sold a few items to another vendor which was a nerve-racking experience.  My fear was that I must be very underpriced to already be moving furniture.

My fears were quickly dashed as we did a quick round and found that my items were priced comparably to other vendors...and many other vendors came by to see what I, the newbie, had to sell.

Overall, it was a great experience.  I met some very amazing people, both vendors and shoppers.  I was happy to move some of my larger pieces because that meant I had that much more room in the shed for new items.

I think that I will do the Flea Market again, this time with a little bit more knowledge.  I never could have done it without my family.  My dad and sister stayed with me for the entire duration of the day.  And once the sale was over, my mom helped us pack up the trucks.  Who would have thought selling vintage and antique goods would be a family-bonding experience?