Call to Arms

I've been dreaming a lot lately.  Dreaming instead of blogging.  Dreaming instead of studying for finals.  And do you know what's been on my brain, friends?  A camper.

I want a camper.  I want a small, older camper that is no newer than the 1970s because I have big plans.  I have exciting plans.  Do you know what I don't have?  A camper.

So that's the point of this post.  To ask you to rack your brains dear readers and friends and think of your life, and your neighbors' lives.  Do you know of a camper for sale?

I've looked on Craigslist and l've looked on Facebook "For Sale" sites and I'm coming up empty.  Anything that fits my wish list is either too expensive or is snapped up within minutes.  I'm a dreamer though and an optimist, so I decided to post a little plea along with some adorable camper photos.

Don't let the pictures fool you though, because I know with my budget that I'm going to DIY 99% of the camper.  I'm just hoping to find a camper with good bones.

Now it's time to put my wish list out into the universe:
Pre-1980 Camper or Travel Trailer
No driving or pop-up campers
Good wheels
Good roof

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