26 before 27 (April Review)

1. Read 50+ books, 4 that are religious/spiritual in manner
I've read 9 books, which, according to Goodreads is 7 behind where I should be.  Considering the fact that I am both a full-time student and have a full-time job, I'm actually pretty happy with where I am.  Summer is usually when I inflect most of my damage.

2. Visit someplace new
Mike and I will be adventuring to see The Avett Brothers in Illinois come June, so I'm not even thinking about this goal actively.

3.  Make a quilt
My little sister actually made a quilt in Fashion Merchandising, so I'm thinking she can teach me.

4.  Work out 26 times
We're only in the beginning of May...there is still plenty of time.

5.  Take more photos
I'm actually pretty happy with the amount of photos I've been taking lately.  I brought my camera to Bemidji just last weekend and dinked around for a bit.  Those photos will be shared later in the week.

6.  Settle into the apartment (and maybe do a photo tour when it's complete)
Do people every really, truly settle in?  Do all boxes get unpacked?  I'm calling bullshit.

7.  Blog at least 4 times monthly
Considering I didn't post my goals until March, we'll look at April on.  I squeaked by in April, 4 posts exactly.  I do have a bunch of half-posts written, but with finals looming and getting mono, they've remained slightly undressed.

8.  Write two new short stories
I keep telling myself that summer will bring time and inspiration.  I have patio furniture now, so I like to entertain the idea of me on my beautiful wicker, writing away.

9.  Get my passport
This is a goal that just requires me to just get up and do it.  Maybe summer.

10.  Create and follow a budget
I did such a great job in the beginning of the year, but I have really, really fallen off.  I bought a new planner, so that'll help me out.  When I rock a planner, it's as if my entire life revolves around it, but when I don't have a planner...chaos.

11.  Send more mail than last year
Still have yet to send a single piece of mail.  Oops.

12.  Learn to crochet
Again, Jenna (the sister) learned how to do this in Fashion Merchandising.  We're talking about having a Sunday Sister Craft Night.  I capitalized everything because it'll be as important as a holiday.

13.  Go to a winery
I think that we can all agree that this is a summertime goal.

14.  Date-night with Mike monthly, at-home dates count, too!
Technically, yes.  We don't really call them dates so I feel like it does lose some of that date-like appeal, so maybe I just need to get better at labeling our outings.

15.  Take a yoga class
Not yet.

16.  Have my parents over for dinner
Summer is my mythological time of accomplishment and success.

17.  Create a blog feature
I'm currently testing two out.  Photography Attempt and Instagram Stories,  We'll see if either stick or if a dark horse appears.

18.  Finish my volunteering requirement for school
I actually have my first volunteering this Thursday.  It'd be nice to cross this off before school starts up again.

19.  Get a new bed
Done! April...not sure what date.  I can look it up, but is it really that important?  The bed moves and vibrates.  I essentially sleep on a transformer.

20.  Go to a play at Red River's "new" theater
Hoping for a SPA performance this summer.

21.  Have a "no spend" week in April
Um...this is awkward.  Maybe my "'no spend' week in April" will take place in May.

22.  Have a "no spend" month in September
Something for future Sara to worry about.

23.  Study for and take my Praxis tests

24.  Pay off one big credit card
I actually feel like this could happen by September.  Fingers crossed and pennies pinched.

25.  Create my "space"
Step 1: Get a desk

26.  And one to grow.
I think that I've actually figured this one out, but it's currently to top-secret to share :)

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