Photography Attempt V.1

One of my goals of this birthday-year has been to take more photos.  Now, I don't have a super amazing camera or editing program, so I don't want anyone to think that I imagine myself to be some amazing photographer, but everyone has to start somewhere and you only get better with practice, right?
All of these photos were taken at my Grandma's this Easter weekend.  Also, as an awkward side note, I've decided to start posting larger photos that way you can see my pores in outfit photos...I don't know what the bonus is for photos like the ones in this post, though.
The ice was still on the lake at Pokegama.  This is the view walking down to the lake from my Grandma's house.

One of the bloggers I follow has started making totes/pouches from photos she has taken.  I love that idea and when I saw the stack of wood, I immediately thought of her and how this would be cool on a bag or coin purse.

The sun was so beautiful when I was walking with Maizy (my Grandma's new dog).  I know that I didn't capture just how amazing it was, but I think you can get a hint in some of these pictures.

The lake.  As you can see, the ice is slowly thawing.  This is the part of the beach that I remember playing in when my brother and I were younger.  There was a good 10-foot section between the dock and the weeds and I could usually get pretty far before weeds and fish with teeth sent me back to shore.  Yeah, I know that fish with teeth aren't exactly a thing in Minnesota lakes, but a girl can have an over-active imagination!

The other way.  The previous photo looked right from where the dock was, and this is what would be to the left.

Here is Maizy.  Her full name is actually Amazing, but we call her Maizy for short.  My grandma came to have this four-year-old princess when her original owner became sick and could no longer care for her.  Maizy doesn't really like me.  I watch her when she tries to hide bones and that makes her feel like I'm a bad guy, at least that's what her growl says.  She also was upset because I wouldn't let her walk in the sand.

The dock, just sitting and ready for the lake to thaw.

Perfect time of day. 

Maizy, wondering what I'm up to, obviously not amused.  Eventually she'll warm up to me...I think.  If she thinks I'm a lot to handle, I can't imagine how she will respond when she meets Crookston for the first time.

The canoes, just hanging out by the boat shed.

When I was younger, my brother and I once flipped the canoe over and walked under water.  It was cool.

Not sure what the seats are from, but I know that they've behind the shed for a few years now; that's years of snow and rain and other bad weather.  I feel like the guys from American Pickers would maybe be excited originally, but then offer up $10...or just leave it, stating what a cool piece it is.  That's probably just the over-imagination in me.

Thanks for enduring my first all-photo post.  I thought that I'd just put up the pictures with zero commentary, but I'm a writer, so it just looked naked.  What's salad without a little dressing?  Sadness.  I wasn't going to give you leafy greens when I could give you a burger...because that's what I turned that plain lettuce into, a burger.  Lettuce is essentially a condiment.  I hate salads.  This got weird fast.

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