Today it snowed, so I figured a beautiful, green-grass, outfit post was in order.  This is probably one of my favorite outfits.  Honestly, if you see me on a regular basis, you have most likely seen me wear this multiple times.  There was a time when I wore these pants at least three-times a week (I own multiple pairs of this exact pant).  Mike calls them my "sleepy pants" because he thinks they look like pajama bottoms.  They're comfortable, so it really doesn't matter how many people hate on them.

The older I get, the more my fashion choices become about comfort, as well as what I find visually appealing.  I used to wear wedges and the occasional high heel, but after a running injury (okay, I run at the pace of a turtle, but it's faster than walking, even speed-walking) my calves cannot take the pressure.  I'll break out the wedges on special occasions, or when I know that I will not be walking a lot, but gone are the days when I can last an entire shift at work with them.

Another beauty trend that I'm slowly working away from would be beautiful, delicate prints.  I love this trend on others, the uber-feminine detail, but cannot pull it off myself.  I'll buy these pieces that are light in color, intricate in design, but after three weeks of hanging in my closet, tags still attached, they go back to the store.  I'm learning to accept that I can love trends, but sometimes it's best to leave them to others.  90% of what I wear is dark, and the rest is Obey.  That's okay though, because it's me.

Now there are a few fashion faux-pas that I love.  Animal print is a personal favorite, the gaudier the better.  I like pattern mixing and while this is a trend that the nation (well, pinterest) seems to embrace, good ole ND is just a little behind this trend...either that, or I'm horrible at it and my confidence is louder than the haters.  My biggest fashion faux-pas though is wearing clothes that do not flatter my body.
I like crops tops.  Me.  A busty, big-booty, "thick" gal who prefers sweets to salads and diet coke to water.  For real though, I've had possibly ten glasses of water since the beginning of the year...and that's a very generous estimate.  Girls like me aren't the ones you see advertising crop tops, but I love the trend because I'm finally learning to love my body (and that means I can still hate shorts because they're disgusting.  That was aggressive, I'm sure you look beautiful in shorts because you like shorts.  I look horrible in shorts because I'm uncomfortable so all anyone can notice is my awkwardness.  This is the longest, in-parenthesis, side-bar conversation ever.  One more thing though, I just bought fabric, fashion shorts...like the short version of these pants, so maybe this will be the year I find a short I love other than my high-rise cotton ones!)

Another thing I love that I'm not supposed to are tight clothes.  I feel better in fitted clothing, not because I think my love handles look better on the stage that is the waist of my jeans, but because it soothes me.  Yeah, it makes me feel safe.  I wear tight tanks under everything otherwise I couldn't wear any of the flowly shirts in my closet.  My mother always talks about how strange I am with senses, I don't like to touch certain things, and my wrists and forearms can not be covered, and I need to wear fitted clothing.  I know that my size 29 butt isn't a 26 or 27, but if I put on pants that "fit" I'm physically uncomfortable.  I don't know why I am the way that I am, but I like me the way that I am.

I am the girl who shops in stores marketed to older women, because their cheetah print is bigger and gaudier.  I am the person who will buy 15 black shirts, and not one with pink or purple.  I'll wear wedges if I want, but will walk around barefoot once I start to feel pain.  I'll wear crop tops, and size 26 pants (but not at the same time, because that's too much even for me!).  My style may not be top-notch, or even always flattering, but it's all mine.  No one else would dare make this many mistakes :)

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