Crookston's Butt

The other day the weather was beautiful and I had the apartment to myself, so I decided to snap a few photos...all while trying to act inconspicuous as cars passed.  I maybe took four photos before I had to adapt.
I worry about Crookston getting through the bars of the balcony, so I use a painting to block the door so he can look out and not feel completely out of the loop.  Here is Crookston telling me that I need to look more "broken down," the way Tyra's models do.
If you know Crookston at all, it will not surprise you to hear that all he did was cry when that painting was up.  Solution: Take a few selfies with the fur baby.  Here he looks into selfie-ing with mom.

Now he's going for the far-off, daydreaming, look.  Nailing it, I might add.  I did not get the memo, so I just look cheesy.

Here is my favorite look of Crookston's; I call it "Mom let me go because I'm pretty sure that woman and the dog she's walking are going to attack us so I need to bark so they know we are a force to be reckoned with."
Once I saw Crookston's posing and modeling skills, I figured that I should just cut my loses and let him be the star of the show as usual.

As if it wasn't enough for Crookston to take over my photo shoot, he had to get distracted and take away from my focus.  He's lucky that he's so cute.

This is what giving up looks like.  This was the last picture I attempted to take before realizing dogs on leashes don't necessarily glam any look up.  Especially when it's mostly butt shots.

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