Year-end Review

I fell off the blogging wagon...hard.  It's been there in the back of my mind, whispering "go blog.  It'll only take you ten minutes."  Being in college means that sometimes those ten minutes are better spent watching Netflix...and turning into an hour or two of un-productivity.  My mental health and sanity took the front spot these past few months and this blog, well, it was here waiting.

Instead of trying to do a monthly catch-up for October and November, I figured I could just share how the goals turned out.  My birthday is this Thursday, so I have a pretty good idea of what will actually get completed and what will maybe be recycled for next year's list.  So without any more delay, here is how my goals turned out:

1. Etsy shop-vintage
Done (8/6/14)
  • Upon reflection, I'm not sure if I should really count this as done.  I opened the shop and listed two maps, but I never really got into it.  I'm not sure if I'm just not ready to the time to open the shop and stock it (I have to take photos, be ready to ship, etc)...actually, I am sure.  I am not in a place at this point where I can maintain the shop.  School and work are just too much right now.  I don't know if I'll place this on my list for next year, but if I do, I would put a dollar goal on it...what I want to make.
2. Collection of short stories-ready to submit
  • Didn't finish.  I wrote more this past year than the previous year or two.  I realize how lofty and ambitious this goal is and if I have a writing goal for next year, it will be a more concrete and achievable goal.  Again, I need to remember that I'm a full-time student and, starting later this month, a full-time employee.
3. New tattoo
Done (2/21/14)
  • This is maybe my favorite complete goal from this year.  Hell, I'm even tearing up as I write this.  Easily my favorite tattoo.  I didn't want to take and post a photo of it in its entirety because it is so personal to me.  You can see in the picture part of the dark moon.  Use your imagination and just picture how awesome it really is.
4. Finish framing prints
  • I framed about half of what I'd set out to frame.  It's hard because I didn't really have a spot for any of them, framed or unframed.  Luckily, a little more than halfway into the year, my man friend took a couple and hung them in his apartment, so they on display instead of hiding in my closet.
5. Blog redesign
Done (6/20/14)
  • As I shared earlier this year, I hired Kaelah of The Clueless Girl's Guide to redesign this blog and I love it as much today, if not more, than when she finished it in June.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!
6. Buy a nice camera
  • I actually broke my camera two months ago!  I'm getting a new one for Christmas though, so this goal isn't really complete, but it kind of is....I'm chalking it up as a win!
7. Learn how to do my hair
  • This year I dyed it, I cut it, I colored half of it, and used a curl wand.  After chopping off 14 inches, I've just been adapting to the lower maintenance of medium-length hair.  This goal will not be recycled onto the list for next year as it's actually kind of lame.
8. Go on a trip somewhere new
Done (7/24/14)
  • When I made this goal a year ago, I imagined my someplace new would be a new state, or country.  Instead, I went camping in Hoyt Lakes for a softball tournament.  But, a new place is a new place and honestly, I had such a great time that it doesn't even feel like I "cheated" on this goal.
9. Bring Crookston to a dog training class
Done (3/11/14)
  • I don't know if I can say that this is the biggest waste of money, but it's up there.  I love Crookston, but he is, and will always been, a naughty dog.  I probably should have done training with him when he was younger so that it would stick, but I opted for the trying to teach an old dog new tricks.  At least it got us out of the house and set me up with the basic skills to train Crookston should I ever decide to tackle the challenge that is his behavior issues.
10. Figure out Spanish creds
Done (5/23/14)
  • This should have been figured out a lot earlier than it actually was.  I did decided to wait until I officially enrolled in Spanish to mark it complete, which is part of the reason for a May completion date.
11. No credit card debt
  • Credit cards suck.  Especially if you have little to no impulse control.  This goal may be recycled into next year as I will, once again, have a fulltime job so will be able to make larger payments.
12. Send more letters
  • I don't know why I used the word "more" for this goal.  More than what?  More than 1?  10?  100?  1000?  Okay, I'm just being dramatic now, but you get the idea.  Since I didn't have any concrete numbers, I don't know if I really completed this goal.  I do believe that I sent more mail than the previous year.  My final count ended up being:
    • Packages: 2
    • Postcards: 3
    • Letters: 25
13. Create realistic workout plan
  • Remember when I tried Roller Derby for a hot second?  Then I couldn't sit without horrible pain for two weeks and I decided my fragile body is too wimpy for the cool gals that I met.  My tail bone still gives me trouble, so I think I made the right decision not trying to be Ellen Page.  Honestly though, that was my last real attempt at a workout plan/routine/activity.  I've had a pretty stationary year.  If I recycle this goal for next year, I may need to do something like, "Work out once a month."  Pathetic?  Yes.  Obtainable?  Maybe.
14. Learn to crochet
  • I came so close on this one.  I had a friend who was going to teach me, but then she had an amazing job opportunity and moved away.  I have a co-worker and a former co-worker who know how to crochet, so I'm thinking I may recycle this goal.  2015 could be my crazy crafty year!
15. Grow closer to God
  • I've been listening to strictly Christian radio in my car since October.  I haven't been to church lately, with the exception of going with my Gma this November when I went to visit.  This goal will probably resurrect (get it?  Okay, that was a horrible joke and I apologize) itself on next year's list, but in a more specific way.  I might try to finish reading the bible in its entirety or, like exercise, try to go to church once a month.
16. Complete a 5K.
  • Thanksgiving weekend came and with it came a 5K.  I told myself that this was it, I was going to cross 5K off of my list.  The thing about this race I learned was that you had to guesstimate when you'd finish, and there was a prize for those who came closest.  Because there was a time thing, that meant you couldn't listen to music.  That's when the idea left my head for good.
17. Volunteer
  • I wish I'd volunteered.  I need hours for my program at school, so it's a little disheartening that I couldn't even use that as motivation.
18. Finally go to the drive in theater
Done (8/22/14)
  • This was such a fun goal.  I look forward to future visits, hopefully dragging Mike with me.  After I wrote about completing this goal, I had a lot of people tell me how much they want to go.  Maybe next year I can take a few of my gal pals with me!  It's too bad that drive-ins aren't as popular as they once were because there is something fun about sitting in your car and watching a huge screen.
19. Renaissance Festival
  • One of my good friends went to Ren Fest this year and jealously only begins to cover a little of how that made me feel.  This summer was a crazy one with weddings, and work, and the lake...but I guess that's life and I can't use that as an excuse.  Maybe next year it'll work out that I can finally go to the Renaissance Festival, but I'm not sure if I care enough to recycle this goal.
20. Read 40+ books
Done (9/2014)
  • I read 48 books!  Seeing how close I came to 50 is a little disappointing, as is realizing that I only read 8 books between the middle of September and now.  This goal will reappear next year for sure...if only to justify me enjoying a "fun book" during a busy course load.
21. Print more photos.
  • Again, what is with me and the word "more."  I am fairly certain that I printed more pictures this year than last thanks to Jessica sharing Shutterfly discount codes with me!  I'm going to say this was a success, even though I haven't done very much with the photos that I did print.  I need another photo album.
22. Create more
  • One thing I've obviously learned in terms of goals is to be more specific.  I think I did a mediocre job on this goal.  I made some cool things, but didn't get as into creating as I thought I would.  In my head, once I move into my apartment, I will make a bunch of amazing things because I'll have wall space for them.  Honestly, it probably won't happen.
23. Go camping
Done (7/24/14)
  • This was such a fun goal to complete.  I had an amazing time and am excited to do it again next year.  Once Mike and I got back, we decided to become "camping people" in the commercial sense of the word: we bought ourselves a tent, a camping grill, and a plethora of smaller camping items.
24. Make a quilt
  • Didn't buy material or even do any research (I'm a read-everything before doing anything, sort of gal).  I don't think becoming a quilter is in the cards for me.
25. Get my passport
  • This should have been one of the easiest goals and I only looked it up online...back in the beginning of this year.  Next year.  Next year I will get my passport and go to Canada.  Mark my words! long as you see it on the list for my 26 goals before I turn 27.

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  1. Ok is it bad I am now 25 years and 5 months old and I haven't made my "25 goals" list yet? That should be my goal-- to create it in the first place! PS I also want to do Roller city has a team!