Trying New Things

Hey friends.  I was recently cruising through my camera and realized I had some outfit pictures from awhile ago and wanted to make sure I got them up on the blog before we receive our first snow.

I even decided, as usual, to throw in the weird and awkward ones.  Nothing like adjusting the bottom of your shorts to get the guys running over and asking for your phone number.  Unfortunately, dudes, I do have a man friend.  Though who knows how much longer he'll stick around after seeing pictures of me essentially pulling my shorts out of my butt.

Do you know what I love about blogging?  That I can do/write whatever I want and whatever weird and funky format I want.  So I could pretend that these pictures have something to do with this post, but I'm going to cut through the crap and just say that these pictures are to break up text.  Or maybe the text is here to break up photos.  Tomato, tomato--wow, that saying does not really make sense in print.

I was originally going to blog about trying new things.  Technically that can tie into these pictures because "me wearing shorts" is a new thing.  I stumbled upon this blog of a girl who tries something new every week.  Let that sink it...EVERY STINKING WEEK.  Who has that much time?  Who wants to grow that much as a person?

What was I saying again?  Oh yeah, new things.  How often do you break out of your comfort zone?  Your shell?  For me, the answer is not very often.  I'm comfortable with being comfortable.  I like what I like.  Sometimes it gets me in a rut.  Being comfortable isn't exciting and I never walk away from it thinking, "What a great time!"

Recently, my man friend got into Stand-up Comedy (I have no idea if that's how you're supposed to phrase that).  Trying Stand-up is something that Mike has been interested in for quite awhile and now he's done it both in Fargo and Grand Forks.  That's a really cool thing to me...especially when it's been a "dream" (as if the word "dream" doesn't sound pretentious enough, I threw the quotation marks there to really douche it up). 

Once Mike started talking, and then doing, Stand-up, I started to think about how often I do something new.  I thought about maybe going to Open Mic and trying Stand-up (with my friend, Scott--look, Scott, I gave you a shout out because we're real life friends!), but I'm pretty concerned  that my weird brand of humor wouldn't work with strangers.  Plus all five minutes of my set would probably be about my thighs and no guy wants to hear that.

Trying new things is partially why I made my 25 before 26 list.  But I want to do more new things.

Blogging consistently would be a new thing (hardy-har-har).  Keeping my room clean for more than two days.  Blue hair (I'm dreaming of blue hair lately).  Skydiving.  Learning to drive a stick shift.  Trying calligraphy.  Meeting new people.  Doing cool things with old friends (one time my friend Rhiannon had everyone over and tried to teach us to draw and it was a lot of fun).  Crocheting.  Trying new and foreign foods.  Traveling to new places.  Learning to braid my leg hair because "Winter is coming."  Going to shows of people I've never heard of (art, music, mime, living statues).  Making stuff with people.  Helping strangers (or friends or acquaintances).  Living life more fully.

What I've loved about my short time in blogging is how supportive everyone is.  People are constantly commenting, sending me helpful links, or saying "I want to do that, let's do it together!"  If anything in the above word-vomit paragraph appeals to you and you want a partner in crime, let me know.  Heck, I'm down for anything, so message me with your weird dreams, goals, leg-hair braiding techniques and I'm sure we can make something neat happen.

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