Halfway Crafty

The great thing about friends is that sometimes they text you with a craft idea that you never would have come up with.  That's what happened the other day when Vanessa (her last name starts with a J which is why there's a giant metal one at our crafting station) text me with an idea and a few pictures from the internet.

We went to Hobby Lobby with one idea in mind, but after seeing all the store had to offer, tweaked our plans a little bit.  I picked up the wood thing for 50% off (because evidently that's what they do, overprice stuff so they can constantly have sales to create impulse purchases).  I hated what it said: I'm a fool for you.  Gross.  I'm not a fool for anyone.  Plus, hearts are stupid.

So the first thing I did was paint over the stupid saying with this fabulous paint color.

Another great thing about when a friend invites you over to craft is that it will occasionally, usually, involve food.  I am fortunate enough to not only have crafty friends, but crafty friends who are also amazing cooks.

We ate while my paint dried.  Once our bellies were full I began to roll and glue paper down in the shape of an "S".

I listened to Vanessa to learn all about this rolled paper art style (she did a fair amount of internet research) and fell a little bit in love with it.  It's super easy and I can imagine watching hours of Netflix as I roll sheet after sheet of colored paper.

The original "S" was a little too plain, so I added some yellows and a light brown.  I have a mini "gallery wall" in my bedroom and all the colors I used fit with the color scheme so it made a fantastic addition.

Thanks for letting my share the world's easiest halfway craft.  I always hear about halfway homemade recipes and I think that they/we/I should start a movement of halfway homemade crafts.  It's amazing how a little paint and paper can change a piece.  I'm thrilled with the results to say the very least.  If you have any questions about this craft, feel free to ask!

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