Fall Favorites

It's officially fall...that line seems about as cliche as white girls in ugg boots with pumpkin spice lattes who "can't even."  Since we've already embraced the ridiculousness, I might as well run with it and share a few of the things I've enjoyed about the two days of cooler weather we've had and a few things I anticipate enjoying.

Things I've enjoyed so far: cooler weather, having a legitimate reason, and self-proclaimed obligation, to wear "fall colors," pumpkin-flavored everything, Crookston shedding puff balls (he does this in fall and spring), getting to wear light jackets.

Things I intend to enjoy (my Fall Festivities wish list): carving pumpkins, leaves changing colors, crunchy leaves, cardigan weather, all warm beverages, "sharp" air, watching non-creepy Halloween movies, candy going on sale after Halloween, themed socks also going on sale after Halloween, my favorite holiday Thanksgiving.

Fall is, and always has been, my favorite season.  I'm excited to layer my clothing for both warmth and visual appeal.  I need to embrace the weather though, because as everyone in "these here parts" knows, fall is the shortest season.  Good things end far too quickly.

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