Dating Another Human Being

Dating someone new is weird.  After being in a long-term relationship with a pretty amazing person, it's been hard to adjust to a new person.  Sometimes I find myself frustrated that he can't read my mind, or just do what I want without my having to ask.  I have to remind myself that I'm dating a human being, not a robot or mind-reader.

The last person I saw, you could call it a long term relationship.  She and I had spent a few years (off and on) with other people, but after my previous relationship didn't work out, I found myself being comforted by her again.  There's something nice about being with someone who completely and 100% gets you without words needed.  One of the best people that I've ever dated was myself.

Now after two years of mostly just dating me, I'm in a relationship with a human being.  He doesn't enjoy junking the way that Single Sara did.  He doesn't always like the food that I've created because it generally contains mushrooms (and he'll comment on it while Single Sara would quietly and happily shovel them into her mouth).  And he doesn't buy me nearly as much as Single Sara did (she was my sugar mama...still is).  But I'm getting used to this person. 

Don't get me wrong, though.  He does some pretty great thing that my ex, Single Sara, was and never would be capable of doing.  I enjoy the occasional surprise.  I get sweet, and funny, and weird text messages.  Best of all, I get someone to talk with, who responds with new ideas and is impressively able to talk me off of the cliff whenever I'm feeling stressed.

Dating someone who isn't me is weird.  But it's kind of awesome, too.


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