August Goal Review

Another month gone and with it, my determination and ability to complete items on my 25 Before 26 list.  I honestly thought I had such a handle on my goals and went as far to brag about how well I'm doing, with the "exception of two or three items."  When you actually get down to it and look though, I haven't even accomplished half of my goals!  There was some progress in August though, so I can't be too terribly upset.

1.  Etsy shop- vintage
Done! (8/6/14)
Technically, this goal is completed.  I finished it right away in August when I put two maps for sale.  I haven't listed all of the vintage clothes that I have, but opened is completed.  

2.  Collection of short stories- ready to submit
I've started jotting down story ideas, which is progress.  Other than that...nada.

3.  New tattoo
Done (2/21/14)

4.  Finish framing prints
September is the month for this.  If not finish, then do a few more.  One is a super weird shape, so I'm sure I'll have to special order a frame or matte it myself.  I matted a boyfriend's print years ago and I'm pretty sure the stress from it caused our eventual breakup.  Okay, that's a little melodramatic but I sincerely hate matte-ing pictures/prints.  The one thing I hate more than matte-ing a picture though is paying someone else to do it.

5.  Blog redesign
Done (6/20/14)

6.  Buy nice camera
Making use of the camera that I have to see if a new one is needed/deserved/in order.

7.  Learn how to do my hair
Now that my hair is shorter (I've finally realized a long bob is shorter, not short) all I want to do is color it.  I saw the picture below of Keiko on her instagram and decided that maybe I'm more of a hair color-er than a hair do-er.  Needless to say, I want that hair color.

8.  Go on a trip somewhere new
Done (7/24/14)

9.  Bring Crookston to dog training class
Done (3/11/14)

10.  Figure out Spanish creds
Done (5/23/14)

11.  No credit card debt goal, please.

12.  Send more letters
No progress in August.  I actually received more mail this month that usual, so that was exciting.  I bought some new cards and will be doing a few this week or next though.  The total still stands at: 2 packages, 3 postcards, and 20 letters.

13.  Create realistic workout plan
I talk about this more than any other goal.  Those who can, do; those who can't, blog about it.

14.  Learn to crochet
No progress.  Still looking (not actively) for a teacher.

15.  Grow closer to God 
Having a Catholic book constantly in my "reading" pile makes me feel like I'm not a complete failure at this goal.

16.  Complete a 5K
No progress.  There is still time.

17.  Volunteer 
I have to volunteer for my program at school, so this one is becoming more important...and a little less about actually helping people.

18.  Finally go to the drive in theater
DONE! (8/22/14)
Read about what I great time I

19.  Renaissance Festival 
Not going to happen.  I might as well strike this through...actually, I'll do that once the Ren Fest officially closes for the season.

20.  Read 40+ books
Guess what, suckers?  I'm at 37 and will crush this goal by the end of September.

21.  Print more photos 
Who prints pictures anymore?  No one.  This was a stupid goal.

22.  Create more
Does homework count?  Creating magic on papers?  No?  Okay, then no progress.

23.  Go camping 
Done (7/24/14)

24.  Make a quilt
I think every month I say that I'm going to start my quilt.  And every month passes with me never thinking about it again.  It's okay, I won't lie to us both and say September is my quilt month.

25.  Get my passport
No progress.  This is probably one of the easier goals that I have left, but here I sit.  Passport-less.


  1. Umm GO GET A PASSPORT. It's going to take another 6+ weeks after you apply for it, for you to actually get it. So you're already like 6 weeks behind. You can't wait 'til 6 weeks before your year is up. :P Workout plan? Start with 10 minutes of physical activity every day....10 minutes isn't so hard :P

  2. Sorry I wasn't able to teach you how to crochet. Lol. But you should totally color your hair like that! I would recommend bleaching it at a salon since you can really mess it up doing it at home (leave it for the professionals). If you choose any hair color I would go with manic panic! That's what I've used for my hair, if you haven't seen some of my old Facebook photos every color would turn out amazing!