Sandy and Danny at the Drive In-Without the Awkward Boob Grab

Sure the title of this post might be confusing, or misleading, but I was finally able to go to the drive in theater about 40 miles from town and the one thing that kept repeating in my head was the movie, Grease.  My experience was, fortunately, nothing like the hormone-pumped scene that replayed in my mind over, and over again.

They say blogging connects you to people.  In the short period of time that I've made my blog "public" to friends and family via Facebook, I can definitely agree with that statement.  It is because of connections made that I was able to cross "Finally go to the drive in theater" off of my 25 list.

Working in the mall, you form unique friendships with employees in stores around you.  Maybe it's because you see each other almost every day, or maybe it's because you see the life and joy drain out of each other's eyes every day.  Whatever the reason, I became conversation pals with this gal, Caitlin, who works next door to us at the coffee shop.  We'd share snippets about our lives as I made uncreative beverage choices (Diet Coke...I always get a Diet Coke).  We exchanged phone numbers and half-hearted, "We should hang out!"s.  Nothing much developed from this until she read my blog.

I was making yet another Diet Coke purchase when she told me that for the past two summers her goal has been to go to the drive-in theater.  I was ecstatic.  It's always easier to plan something with someone who wants to do said activity instead of harassing other people and trying to convince them that they'd enjoy it.  We made a plan.

We asked a few other mutual, and not so mutual, friends if they'd like to join, but Caitlin and I were committed.  I didn't care if it was just me and the coffee shop girl traveling in silence, I was going to cross the drive-in off of my list, awkward experience or not.

Our third ended up being a gal I know from many things, but not one thing.  I cannot even venture to guess when I first met Hannah, but I do know that she and I have exchanged many short conversations over the years, so I was thrilled to be adding her to the Sandy and Danny date adventure!

Had to bring a blanket, because I get cold more easily than most human beings
The three of us met up in a parking lot, as all shady and wonderful adventures begin this way.  We grabbed coffee where I made a teenage boy uncomfortable and then we hit the road.

Coffee, coffee, coffee!
Luckily, there was nothing awkward or weird as far as the other two girls were concerned.  We all kind of clicked in an easy sort of way.  Before I knew it, we were at the drive-in.

The man who greeted us and took my hard-earned garage sale money from my hand informed us that the only rule was to have fun and if we didn't have fun, he didn't want us back.  Okay, that actually makes him seem like a jerk as I read it, but he was super friendly and helpful and he made me even more excited for the show.

Obviously no movie experience is complete without a trip to the snack bar.
Despite the mist and Caitlin's broken windshield wiper.  Despite the fact that I smuggled in about $20 worth of snacks (I didn't know if they were allowed or not) and no one ate much of them except for me.  Despite the movie being horribly cheesy and ridiculous, it was the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick.  Despite all of these little things, I had a blast.  I had so much fun and know that I will be back, hopefully, before the "season" ends.

This iPhone pic does not do the view justice.  We actually had a great spot and everything was easily visible.
I told the man friend about it and how the next time I go, we need to bring his truck and fill the back with blankets and pillows, and make the experience even lazier and more comfortable.  I would recommend to everyone in the local area to try and make the trip out to Sky Vu if they have an opportunity this year.  If we don't patronize this amazing place, eventually, it will go extinct, and that will just make me sad.

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