Lies Oprah Told Me

We can all agree that, generally, Oprah knows what's she's talking about.  It's this wide-held belief that Oprah-ness is next to Godliness which led me not to wear jeans with button flaps for years.  Oprah told me girls with big butts don't need the extra attention/height that buttons add, so I avoided 50% of all jeans out there.
Then one day I decided that I didn't care.  I put on a button-pocketed pair of jeans and asked myself what harm could one little button do to an already ample rump?  I threw caution to the wind.  That's how I feel about white pants.

I am not a small girl.  I do not have legs that go on for miles.  In fact, I've been know to affectionately refer to my legs as "little sausages."  They are mine and I love them because they are beautiful.

However, when I first saw some of the pictures I took in this outfit, I thought "Holy crap!  Do my legs really look like that?"  After a minute of self-deprecating thoughts though, I threw caution to the wind.  My legs may be thick, but they're still pretty awesome.

That's when the fun photos started.  The ones with stupid faces and stupid poses because life is too short to focus on this flaw or that one.

Plus, chances are you wouldn't have even noticed my legs if I hadn't made them the real subject of this post.

You're more likely to have noticed that when I stand in direct sunlight, I turn the color of my pants.  I'm pretty white, even by North Dakotan standards.

So this is just a love note to my thighs.  They love each other so much that they constantly feel the need to grind up on one another like 9th graders at a high school dance.  They sweat a little in skirts and dresses, and are usually hanging out in a pair of spandex shorts that I've snuck under whatever bottom choice I've made that day.

But they work and do whatever job thighs are supposed to do; so you can't really get too mad about them, right?  Dearest thighs, I love you.  You're my second favorite type of thigh, but it'd be hard to beat out Original Recipe even on a good day.


  1. bahah! Sara this is great. You are beautiful. Seriously. Not just your outside appearance...which is certainly true and reason enough to say so...but also because of the quiet confidence you carry and the way your smile just spills joys, or the way your laugh is contagious to those around you inviting them to enjoy laughter too or the way that your writing reassures understanding, vulnerability, and the empowerment to embrace exactly who you are....knowing that you'll not always be or look a certain way but that there is vital purpose and importance for how you are now and how each part of you functions...and that we can EMBRACE that. Thanks for being a voice of reason in a world of "what if's" and "don't do's". Thanks for inviting other women (and men!) to love and embrace the fullness of who we are created to be. Most importantly thanks for being YOU.

  2. Glad I found your blog! :)

    I totally agree! I find myself saying the same things: at least I have two legs! My legs can get me places. They can run if they need to. They can lunge. They can pedal a bike! Even though my legs may not be long and thin they are pretty spectacular, and I'm thankful for them every day!

    Loved this post. You look gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. "chances are you wouldn't have even noticed my legs if I hadn't made them the real subject of this post." <- This. As hard of a time I have realizing it when I pick apart any part of my body. Other people see me as a whole not my flabby arms/ "huge" thighs/ ... And when we remind ourselves how even our least favourite parts support us in everyday life it's unfair not to show them some love. There's one quote I tell myself time and time again: "You don't have a body - you are a body". I'm me only as a whole. Not separate body parts.
    Okay, sorry, that was a little rambly. What I originally meant to say was I very much enjoyed reading your post.