Antiques (Grandma and Other Old Things)

There are certain tasks that people do that let us know, 100%, without a doubt, that they love us.  When my Grandma goes antiquing with me, it's one of those things.  I love the woman to death and she definitely makes digging through garages, displays, and attics, an interesting task.

The great thing about my Grandma is that she's up front.  She's blunt.  Sometimes, you'd even call her mean if she wasn't an adorable, little Italian lady.  We went to an Estate Sale this weekend and when the woman asked us if we were finding anything, my sweet Gma replied with, "I threw a lot of this junk away a long time ago."  Luckily the woman took the comment with a grain of salt, remarking that everyone has different tastes.

Below are a few of the cool things I found that I'll be bringing to the Vintage Carnival in November where I'll hopefully have a booth (currently submitting my application, so fingers crossed!).  I'll be sure to post a few more updates as it approaches.

One of the places we were at had boxes and boxes of great afgans and blankets.

I had never seen anything quite like this wig transporter (it has a dummy head inside), so it had to come home with me.

Not super old, but thought it was super cool.

Love the old rotary phones!

This hollowed out, old TV was my favorite find of the weekend.  I got it at the White House Boutique in Thief River this past weekend.  Unfortunately, I will not be selling this TV because I'm currently obsessed with it.  They showed it as a bar of sorts, but I'm thinking bookshelf/nightstand.

Another goodie that I'm keeping.  Figured I needed someplace to keep my business cards other than floating around at the bottom of my purse.

Couple, cool old pairs of skates.

And of course, some cool postcards.  These will probably be going out to friends in the next few weeks.

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  1. I love the skates!!! We had some of those in my house when I was young.