10 Books

Facebook is pretty infamous for the weird trends that leap from one person's page to the next...10,000 pages.  Just last week, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge was blowing up everyone's feeds, this week, along with the Ice Bucket stragglers, I've noticed people posting the 10 books that have "stuck" with them.  This is a band wagon I was more than happy to jump on.

Quick disclaimers before viewing the video:

  1.  I say "um" a lot.
  2.  I didn't edit anything.  Those "ums" are all me, baby.  Plus the sniffles.  And the rambling.  And the moment where I get distracted by my computer screen.
  3. My turban is awesome.
  4. This was literally filmed in one-take on a computer before bed.  I'm not going for an academy award here.  I told my dad about a month ago that I wanted to occasionally vlog, so here it is.  The first is always the worst, but better done now than waiting for perfection.
  5. Enjoy it.  Can that be a disclaimer?  The disclaimer should actually probably read more like "Enjoy it or suffer the consequences."  What consequences you ask?  Well, when people are dumping ice on their head for fun (read: charity), the possibilities really are endless. 

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