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It's been a good while since my last outfit post.  Throughout the school year, I did a few quick iPhone shots of outfits that I really enjoyed, but never took the time to do a more in-depth sampling.  My favorite thing about taking outfit photos is that not only do I lack a nice camera, but I have no tripod, which means I get to be creative in terms of placement and timing.  In the photos from today, I'm pretty far away from the camera, but I figured it's better to just start then attempt a perfect start.

I even like weird, "Oh, shit, the timer is about to go off" pics.

My favorite part of my outfit would have to be these new skinny jeans.  I bought them at work yesterday and think they'll be getting a lot of wear rolled up as capris and then as jeans in the fall.

The lighting is horrible and I wouldn't have even included this one, but my dad let both dogs out and they distracted me.  Crookston is an escape artist despite our fence, so you need to watch him if he isn't leashed in our backyard.

Again, super dark, but this is what was happening while I was trying to take pictures…one dog chasing the other.

And a close-up of my baby, Crookston.  After today, I realized I maybe should have renamed this blog something like "A Girl and Her Dog" because Crookston is the center of everything.

And what photo shoot would be complete without a Simba picture?

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