April Hibernation

So April has had some super crappy weather up here in North Dakota (and according to some of the blogs I follow, the rest of the county seems to be experiencing similar unpleasantness).  We had two snow days at the beginning of the month and have set many records for temperature being unseasonably low.  The weather seems to have motivated me to dress a bit more stylish/interesting/put-together than the rest of winter, but it could be my desire for spring and warmth.

One thing that I've relied on a little too heavily this month was headbands, and not those small ones either.  Big, cover 90% of your head, headbands.  And the side braid.

Why is my resting face, bitch-face?  Threw this new knit piece over a maxi dress and under the cardigan to give myself a little warmth, but also so that I could play with my favorite summer pieces.

 I did a lot of my summer shopping already, so cute, short, summer dresses had to be thrown over leggings and under denim pieces, because everything looks good with a denim over it.

In the close-up curly-haired selfie, you can see the top details of my dress a bit better.  Also, posing with a globe the school was throwing because of a huge hole in Russia, is better than posing without one.  I have 4 globes already and gifted this one to my man friend.  While he worked, I obviously managed to squeeze in a few outfit pictures at his place. 
Far away superhero pose!  First pair of white pants I have ever purchased and worn as an adult.  Wore them to a concert at a bar (brave/stupid), and they came home unscathed.  Maybe they're lucky in addition to being white?

Here's hoping the weather warms a bit (I'm thinking high 60s/low 70s would be ideal) and that my outfits continue to be documented.  This summer I should be able to adventure into the great outdoors (my backyard) for a few real outfit posts.

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