Mayday, Mayday: It's V-Day

Today is Valentine's Day and all around the blog-o-sphere are people expressing their love for this holiday.  I do not personally celebrate Valentine's Day, but I enjoy how happy it makes people.

I don't support the Valentine's Day holiday as I perceived it in high school.  High school caused my feelings of disdain to grow for this "Created by Hallmark" occasion.  I remember the over-the-top gestures of love (was it really love, guys?) and the exclusivity of "I have a boy/girlfriend."  I didn't really date in high school, and when I did toward the end of my junior year, I chose to abstain from the celebration.  I didn't want to be one of "those people."

As I've grown older, I've found that I no longer hate V-Day.  I tolerate it.  I mark it on my calendar and smile for others as they squeal over flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, cars...I don't know...whatever gift their significant other felt obligated to get for them.  I find happiness in their happiness.  But I don't celebrate it.

People assume that being single is the only reason not to enjoy the holiday and maybe when I was in high school, that was true.  But I'm older now and have experienced a few February 14ths with boyfriends and a few without and my opinion has never changed.

The problem is that when I say I'm against something, or don't really like it, the universe plots against me and makes sure that I have the most spectacular holiday/event ever.  For example, a number of years ago, I told numerous friends that I wasn't into Halloween...and that year I had four costumes.  Good play, Universe.

So here I am this year, apathetic to Valentine's Day and the outpour of love from my friends has been tremendous.  From a Galentine's Day card (a holiday I know I'll go all out for next year) to a few legitimate Valentine's Day cards from friends saying how much they love me.  Let's not forget the funniest FB post from one of my best friends, how can you not feel loved?

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