I'm Not a Lady: A Love Story

I do not dress like a lady.  Yes, I work in a high school so I have to dress with a certain degree of professionalism, but no one would ever accuse me of dressing like a lady.  Ladies wear flowers and chiffon.  Ladies wear soft fabrics that blow perfectly in the breeze and light colors that appeal to the eye.  I do not do this.  I wear leopard prints.  I wear bright colors, or black, but not much in between.  I wear loud clothes.  People sometimes see my outfits and ask if I'm wearing them as a joke.  This is how I dress.  This is who I am.
Sometimes though, I fall in love with something soft, and delicate, and it's so beautiful that I can't live without it.  This blazer was just like that.  I saw it used on an advertisement for a local boutique and just assumed it was sold out.  Two weeks later when I went into the store, I casually looked around and did not see it.  I told myself that sometimes things, clothes, just aren't meant to be, and I left feeling only slightly disappointed.

The thing about great pieces though, is that they're often displayed.  Stores use them to draw us in and get us excited.  I was leaving the store when I saw the blazer, my blazer, on a front window mannequin.  So I went back inside. 

I strip mannequins all the time.  I work in retail and understand the excitement that people experience when they check the tag and it's their size.  I was in that magic moment.  The mannequin was wearing a larger-than-mannequin top and it just so happened that it was my size.

Being the psycho that I am, I stripped down to my tank top in the front of the store (dressing rooms be damned) and threw the blazer on.  It worked.  It was love.  True love.  The kind of love you think you'll only ever read about in Shopaholic books

So even though I'm not a lady, I own a few pieces that might make you think otherwise.  I'm generally loud, and in your face, and sarcastic, but if you dig enough in my closet, you're bound to find a few surprises.

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  1. That blazer is super cute, so I don't blame you for stripping it off the mannequin! You look great! Thanks for linking up to Sunday Style…be sure to join the fun again tomorrow!
    Jenny at PlanePretty.com