I've come into a typewriter within the past month.  It came with lots of memories, both wonderful and sad, as its previous owner, a good friend, is no longer with us.

For the past three weeks, it had sat in my closet.  I'd catch myself staring at it when I was cleaning.  I pulled it out a time or two and just sat in front of it, looking at the keyboard, imaging that it held clues and explanations for what had happened to its owner.  Every time I thought about using it, I just couldn't bring myself to do it-everything I thought about writing seemed so trivial, so minor.

Then someone I follow on Instagram posted a quote that I saved to my phone.  It described how I felt and what I was going through in a simplistic manner.  It was the perfect thing to type.  So I did.

After I copied those words, it seemed okay to keep going-so I did.  I wrote a letter.  I wrote about how sad I was, how angry.  I wrote about the mundane things that were happening.  I just wrote.  Once I was done with the letter though, I put it away.  But the quote.  I wanted the quote somewhere where I would see it daily, so that I could be reminded that it was okay.  That I was okay.
I have hundreds of old library catalog cards that I'd purchased a while back with the intention of creating something wonderful.  They've sat in a drawer and collected dust.  I pulled out a few and began to type Broken Hearts, a quote I found author-less on Pinterest.

January 1st Quotation
A couple of pieces of wasabi tape later, and it was adorned to my closet door.  Done.
But then it was the 2nd of January.  Another new day in a new year.  I looked at my closet and felt a little bit of peace, but also like it was missing something.  So I pulled out my typewriter again.  I wrote another letter and decided that January was going to be a month of healing.  A month of letters.  A month of the typewriter that I strangely held responsible.  More than the letters though, I decided that I was going to find a quote that I loved every day and type it out on one of those old library catalog cards.  So this January, I will be sharing my quotes on Instagram (Stezie88) as I create them and hopefully, if I remember to be a good blogger, on this page as well.
January 2nd Quotation

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  1. This is lovely. I'm glad you found a project to use for your inherited typewriter. I'm sure it's previous owner would be happy to see what it's being used for.