Typewriter-Week 2

This week's Typewriter post (feel free to read the intro and/or see Week 1) is a mish-mash of the Instagram pics and some of the unedited versions.
January 9
I did a lot of research on this Bradbury quote and found that it was something he seemed to say quite often.  Because of this, there are numerous versions out there on the web.  I just picked the one that appealed to me the most.

January 10
The George Bernard Shaw quote was originally posted on my Instagram slightly blurrier, with the misspelling more obvious, and in black and white.  I took the original picture quickly before leaving to dog sit and didn't notice all of the errors until I sat down to post it.  Oh well.  This version isn't much better but it will do.

January 11
This week also marks the time I finally broke down and purchased the A Beautiful Mess photo app.  January 11th was the first photo I edited using the program, though that's obviously not the one you see above.

January 12

January 13
Dylan Moran's quotation is just gold.  It hits super close to my heart.

January 14
My friend, Nichelle, had January 14th's quotation as her FB status and as soon as I saw it, I knew I was going to type it out.  A lot of people on the internet (because a lot of people are stupid-sorry) credit Vonnegut with this quote.  Nope.  It's actually from a blog called I Wrote This For You.

January 15
 Here is a real Vonnegut quote.

January 16

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