Typewriter-Week 1

I'm both surprised and pleased to say that I've kept up with my typewriter madness.  One of my instagram followers works with my mom and told her, "Sara must have gotten a new typewriter, huh?"  Evidently my constant (read:daily) quotes are noticed, even if slightly unappreciated.

The first two quotes are on last week's post where I explained how I came to own this typewriter, and what my plan was.  In the interest of not being redundant, I'll leave those pictures alone and only share the newest ones.  I tried to cite the sources of the quotes when I could, but this thing we call the internet is not always so good at giving credit where credit is due.  If you know the author, or original source of a quote, let me know and I'll add that information under the picture.

January 3
January 3rd's quotation was taken after I wasabi-taped it to my inspiration (closet door) board.  That's where all the quotations end up, even though many of the pictures are taken before I place them there.

January 4
Dealing with grief and regret is what led to me choosing the above quotation.  I'm trying to let go of the painful things and thoughts that I'm carrying around because they just weigh me down emotionally.  This is a good, daily reminder to live.

January 5
All the pictures I'm sharing are from instagram, with the exception of January 5th.  For some reason, the picture I posted didn't save to my drop box, so you guys get the original, before it was chopped into a square.

January 6

January 7
This is one of my new favorite quotes!  So often we do things because we think we're supposed to or society makes us think we won't succeed.  Trying to live a better life for me and not do things just because I'm "supposed to" or "not supposed to."

January 8
I've also kept up with my letters, though I'm not sure if they're helping me or not.  I do like that it causes me to reflect and think and write daily, so we'll see if I continue on with this part of typewriter madness.  For now, it's working.  I love the hum of the typewriter and the sound of the words being created, but my sister complained that it sounds like I'm river dancing upstairs every time I'm working.  Oh well, anything that incidentally affects my sister is a win in my book.

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