Colored Tights and New Glasses

I got new glasses the other day and am just a little shy of being obsessed with them.  My old glasses are square, so I decided to try out a pair of round frames.  When I was trying on specs at the doctor's office, my mom was not exactly a fan of these and wanted to know why these were my favorite.  I told her that every time I put them on and saw myself, they made me laugh-why wouldn't I get glasses that made me laugh and feel happy?
This is an outfit I wore to my job at the high school.  I was really excited about these tights because I got them for a crazy great price at Urban Outfitters.  I bought them specifically for this dress.

Crookston didn't understand what was going on so he came and jumped into my arms just as the picture was being taken. 

In addition to my cool frames, I thought my outfit was just in general.

Can't not post super awkward pictures of me in my outfit.  This one was when I was trying to "frame" my shot.

Cardigan/Gap -- Dress/Kittson -- Tights/Urban Outfitters -- Socks/Buckle -- Watch/Fossil -- Bracelets/Buckle

And because I mentioned my glasses, here's a close up of their awesomeness.

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