It is my birthday.

I've always been a big birthday person.  That's a lie.  Not always.  After I turned 16 or 17, I began to love my birthday.  Not the gifts, but the general outpouring of love.  I get excited for the week of, or the day of, that magical time because it's a time of happiness and greatness.
Birthdays are kind of like new years resolutions to me.  I reflect on the previous year.  Set goals for the next one.  I try and figure out what went wrong and what can go better.  This year's birthday is a tough one for me.
Lately, my life has been a country song of sadness.  I could list the things weighing on me, but those who need to know, do, so why bring up unhappy memories?  The point, however roundabout, that I'm making is this: 25 is going to be amazing.
If this past week has taught me anything at all, it's that I'm stronger than I thought.  I've been kicked repeatedly while I've been down and I've decided that I'm going to use 25 to be happier, healthier, and more generous.
Almost every blogger that I seem to follow does a list.  A list of goals that they want to accomplish before their next birthday.  The general set-up is that you try to accomplish one thing for every year you've been alive, before you add another year to that number.  Long story short, this year I'm doing a 25 before 26. 
The next few days are going to be spent figuring out what I want to accomplish and then figuring out the steps to accomplish these goals.
To give you a quick idea of what this will look out, here a few examples from bloggers:
You get the idea....

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