Coat Weather

This past weekend had the kind of weather that makes me feel superior to everyone else in the country.  I love North Dakota, but when I'm faced with an average temperature of -21, it can get a little depressing...but that's mostly because I always forget gloves and almost lose my fingers. 

The thing is, I hate ugly coats, but I've learned that more times than not, they're the warmest.  Columbia just keeps me warm.  I see girls on blogs running around town in peacoats and the occasional pleather, but all I can think is, yeah, it's warm where you live, it's probably even above 0.

This is the cross I bear for living in a place that continually makes national news as one of the coldest cities in the United States ( #2 in this roundup of 25).  I'm always trying to find a balance between warm and cute.  These are a couple of coats I have my eye on that might fit the bill.


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  1. I've been camping on the Members Only parka for a while now. It looks super warm but I don't know about the color.