25 Before 26

I have finally completed/figured out the list of 25 things I want to accomplish before I turn 26.  Not only have I listed those things (in a handy dandy new notebook I might add), but I created a picture-thing as a daily reminder.  Once I start completing things, I'm either going to write the date on the picture, or post a picture or some other memento to commemorate its completion.

25 before 26

  1. Etsy shop- vintage
  2. Collection of short stories- ready to submit
  3. New tattoo
  4. Finish framing prints
  5. Blog redesign
  6. Buy nice camera
  7. Learn how to do my hair
  8. Go on a trip somewhere new
  9. Bring Crookston to dog training class
  10. Figure out Spanish creds
  11. No credit card debt
  12. Send more letters
  13. Create realistic workout plan
  14. Learn to crochet
  15. Grow closer to God
  16. Complete a 5K
  17. Volunteer
  18. Finally go to the drive in theater
  19. Renaissance Festival
  20. Read 40+ books
  21. Print more photos
  22. Create more
  23. Go camping
  24. Make a quilt
  25. Get my passport
Each goal get its own page in the book so that I can write a plan of action, or track progress.  If you look closely, you can see Crookston on his baby blanket at the foot of the chair.

Like I mentioned earlier, I created this picture thing as a daily reminder of my goals.  I bought this old picture at the thrift store and wrote my goals around the frame.

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  1. What a cool idea! Seeing your goals everyday just motivates you!. I have to try this:) thanks for the idea.