Weekend recap

This weekend was pretty fantastic.  There is really only one way to tell a story, and it's in selfies.
I've been working very rarely at the mall and in the time I used to use to find the people of the world great-fitting denim, I have been knitting.  There's something wonderfully therapeutic about whipping scarves out every hour or so.  A gal I used to work with saw one on instagram and asked if I could make her one, so I'm thinking of listing a bunch on Facebook and seeing if I can maybe make a few extra bucks before Christmas.
Another great thing about not working 24/7 is that I'm free when last minute opportunities arise.  Friday, my wonderful best friend text me to say that she couldn't make it into town for the hockey game and did I want her tickets.  I obviously jumped at the opportunity (Go Sioux) and convinced my little sister to go with me.  Despite all of my begging though, I could not get her to wear any Sioux or UND apparel.  Guess who isn't getting an invite next time?

Honestly though, we had a pretty great time at the game.  It was Friday, so for any Sioux fans out there, you know that we won.  They also had these "bammers" so that we could all being annoying as a collective crowd.
The next night, I lounged around for a good chunk of the day before checking out the new Hobby Lobby and trying to find to find fabric for the library overhaul I'm planning.  I forget how expensive fabric is...even with a 40% off coupon.
Saturday night I finally got to check out the new Thor movie.  I was pretty "meh" about the film.  I found it all fairly predictable.  All in all, it wasn't horrible, but I'm happy that I didn't go on opening night with all of the mega-fans and crowds.
My weekend was one of the most busy I've had in a long time.  In addition to the game and movie, I went out with my friends one night and worked for a chunk of time on Sunday.  It was one of those full weekends where you get a lot accomplished in terms of your social life, but don't necessarily walk away feeling refreshed.  I work this upcoming weekend and I'm thinking that other than going to work, I'm going to lay in bed, knit, and sleep.

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