Star Wars and Knitting

One of the teachers at the high school where I work mentioned that Michael's is having a crazy sale on yarn; so after 3:30p, I hopped in my car and made my way over.  Some of my favorites were as little as $1.99 a skein, so that, coupled with my teacher discount (thanks Michael's), meant I saved about 60% on all of the yarn I grabbed.
I was so excited with my new colors, that I quickly knit the world's longest infinity scarf...seriously though.  I had to wrap this sucker around my head four times to get it to lay where I normally like.  That's what I get for paying more attention to The Office than to the task at hand.
Now here's the other great part of my day.  One of the students knows my love of Star Wars and mentioned that they have shirts and hoodies for dogs at Petco.  Say no more.  I picked up this great Boba Fett hoodie for Crookston for when we go for walks (hello November goal) and a t-shirt for our Christmas card.  He's not used to wearing clothes which is why he's making the most ridiculous faces in these pictures.  But hey, I wouldn't be a mom if I didn't exploit his love for me, right?

All in all, it was a pretty nice, low-key Wednesday.  I'm surprised at how much more I can accomplish when I make, and follow, a to-do list.  I am finishing tasks like nobody's business!

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