November Goal Update

NaNoWriMo...yep.  Haven't done a single day of it.  To be fair, I've been crazy busy and don't think I would have had time even if I'd remembered.

We're about a third of the way through November and I thought I'd explain my craziness and how it's been relating to my goals.

Now if you recall, I didn't have too many goals for this month.  I thought that by making just a few and smaller goals, they'd be easier to accomplish.  Well, a goal is just that, a goal.  And on some of my goals, I'm killing it...on others, not so much.

Recap of November Goals:
  • 1. Gym at least 4 times a week
  • 2. Continuously contribute to and hold up my end of Creased Spine podcasts 
  • 3. Knitting, let's get back to this
  • 4. Save up some dinero because I'm taking a boatload of classes in the Spring
  • 5. Church, once, just once, I'd like to get to mass

  • 1.  I have not been to the gym once.  I've driven past it on my way home from work.  I've thought, hey, I should really go work out.  But not once, have I entered the gym.  As I was typing this, I remembered that I have been to the gym once.  I went to water aerobics with a friend of mine who is pregnant and it was a lot more difficult that I thought it'd be.  New plan/goal update: Go to the gym and/or workout 8 times between now and November 30th...that shouldn't be too bad.  I want to get back into running outdoors now that it's colder and snowier (I overheat like nobody's business) so maybe I'm more likely to succeed if I take it to the streets.

    2. Yes...and no.  I was sick last week so wasn't podcast-ready.  I have done all of my reading and volunteered ideas though, so I'd say we're on track with this goal.

    3. Learned to arm knit. So I've been having a lot of fun with that and I've been adding on to existing, half-finished projects around my house.  Success.

    4. No.  Not at all.  Money actually seems to be on the decline.  I'm actually spending more money that usual because I'm trying to pay off all of my credit cards, or at least pay the bigger ones down by a lot.  I'm looking at houses, so I think the lower my credit card balances, the better chance I'll have at a good loan.

    5. Done.  Two days ago.  Went with my Grandma.  Felt good after.  Donated money to children in an impoverished country for food and houses.  Maybe I'll shoot for two Sundays in December.

    Other news: I've finally applied to be in my program at UND.  If I get in, I'll graduate in about a year and a half...pending other things I have in the works.  I didn't realize I had to have so many language credits, so I'm studying for the test and hoping to CLEP out of all 16.  It has been about 6 years since I've taken Spanish, so I really need to brush up.

    I already mentioned house-hunting briefly in Goal 4.  I've seen two houses so far, one that was an old bank in a smaller town and the other was a foreclosure in town.  Unfortunately, both places had too many problems and things that would need to be fixed, so the hunt continues.

    I've also switched positions at my mall job.  I was originally going to cut it out entirely, but having worked their for 6 years (on and off), I just couldn't leave.  The seamstress is training me and I'm learning how to hem pants and do minor alterations.  It's a pretty cool thing and I'm excited to get faster.  Currently, I am pretty slow because I'm worried about making mistakes and ruining someone's pants, but with time-comes speed.

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